How to Rent Camera Equipment ?

If this is your first time here let us tell you how it works. First, chose the gear you want by browsing our website. We have just about everything, way more than just Cameras & lenses! You can rent a Camera or lens for your vacation or all the gear you need for your wedding photography, Model shoot, private functions, Music videos and YOU tubing. We have everything from Canon and Nikon to Gopros and Gimbals. If you can’t find the gear you need, let us know!

After finding all your gear, give us a call to check availability, to find out What’s the cost? And pick your dates for the rental. We don’t even require a cash deposit.*

Other Questions

1.What if I want to rent for more than 5 days?

We offer extended rentals and leases up to 14 days if you are taking them overseas! Talk to us to negotiate…

2. Do you sell used equipment?

We do not sell rented out equipment, but if you have the passion to own the gear that you have rented we might be able to fix a sale. which has happened during the past.

3. What if I want something you don’t have?

Please Call, wattsapp , Viber , Fb messenger or email us. If we have two or three requests for an item, we’re likely to add it. Also…

4. Can I pick up my rental in person?

You have to pick up your needed items in person at Sher Camera , Eke Kanuwa , Kapuwagara Road, Kandana.

5.What’s your location Location?

Just type in “Sher Camera” in Google maps

6. Can I come in person and browse gear in your store?

Unfortunately not since the corona virus pandemic we encourage to chose via website  call or chat and make your reservations.  You’ll need to place your order before coming in…

7. Do you have Damage & Insurance Protection Plans

We do not have insurance plans as it’s not available in Sri Lanka, So you will be liable for the entire cost of the equipment that is rented under your name.

8. What if I damage the equipment?

Let us know immediately. Our contract states if the equipment is broken you are responsible either for repair or replacing it…

9. What do you consider damage?

Any major scratches or scuff marks on the glass and impact damage to the camera body or the mechanicals.

We rent gear knowing you’re going to put it to use. Minor scratches or scuffs on the exterior of the equipment are considered ordinary wear and tear and are not what we call damage. We’re really reasonable about wear and tear – after all, we’re photographers/videographers too! Anything more severe than this like a cracked element Any major scratches or scuff marks on the glass and impact damage to the camera body or the mechanicals will be considered damaged of course.

Similarly, fingerprints and a little dust are proof our gear got put to its intended use, but returning truly dirty equipment (it happens) may be subject to a cleaning fee, which will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Keep your costs down and be sure to return items in the same condition as you received them.

10. So what is considered negligence?

Our definition of negligence basically means: you did something really stupid with our equipment. Meaning if you decide to use a DSLR camera body in the rain just because it’s a rented out item… or you pack your personal items in our camera bags or back packs that will damage any of our equipment will be considered as negligence.

11. Can you guarantee the equipment will work as promised?

We wish we could, but sadly, we can’t. We can promise that we will do everything we can to make sure the equipment is working. We will inspect the equipment both when it returns from its prior rental, and before it goes out on your rental. We will clean it thoroughly. We will have a minimum of two people check off all the items that should be included in the rental. We will pack it securely. You will be asked to check the equipment before its rented out by you.

12. Is the equipment in good condition?

All of our equipment (except legacy items) is bought new. Before and after each rental we check each camera & lens visually, test it for focus and sharpness, and take pictures with it. We guarantee the glass is clear, the lens works normally, and the pictures it takes are sharp. These lenses are used regularly so there will probably be some scuff marks on the barrels, etc. There may be a little internal dust in some lenses (the telescoping zooms are especially known to collect it while use on safari). If there is any effect on image quality the lens goes off for servicing, otherwise it remains in service.