1. Disclaimer
Every effort is made to assure descriptions and prices are correct. Sher Camera reserves the right to correct errors as needed. All prices and availability are subject to change without notice.
2. Rent
Rent and a deposit, if applicable, must be paid in advance  in full. Sher Camera hereby rents to customer, and customer hereby rents from Sher Camera.
3. Rental Times & Term
All prices are considered for 14 hours (Day Shoot morning 5am to 7pm OR Night Shoot 3pm to 7am) unless Sher Camera & customer have an agreed time for returning the rented equipment
4. Late Returns
Late returns are penalized a maximum full day rental charge as penalty if not informed early to Sher Camera. Consideration will be given to any proof submitted by the customer to justify the reasons of late returns. This decision will be made solely by Sher Camera.
In the event the rental equipment is not returned 36 hours after the due date /time by any customer, the equipment will be considered stolen and the customer form of payment will be charged the full value of the Equipment.
If the customer is unable to pay the replacement value of the equipment within 7 days, the customer shall be considered to be in Default.
Sher Camera reserves the right to pursue all civil and criminal remedies in the case of unreturned or lost equipment. The default customer details will be shared with other rental institutions.
5. Use Of Equipment
Customer shall use the Equipment in a careful and proper manner and shall comply with and conform to all applicable laws, ordinance, and regulations in any way relating to the use or possession of the Equipment. If the customer is charged by the law of using any equipment rented from Sher Camera for illegal activities, will have to bear any legal cost that would be spent to recover Sher Camera’s equipment.
6. Cancellation by Customer
Customer reserves the right to cancel any order before 48 hours of the pickup time. Cancelations under 24hours will not be entertained, In case an advance payment or full rental payment had been done to Sher Camera reserves the right to only refund 50% of the Full amount. Advance payments will NOT be refunded. If the customer submits a valid reason that can be accepted by Sher Camera a full refund will be transferred to the customers’ bank account.
7. Cancellation by Sher Camera
Sher Camera may cancel any order 24 hours before pickup time, If the customer details provided by the customer or mutual communication errors by the customer is noticed.
8. Ownership
The Equipment remains at all times the sole and exclusive property of Sher Camera. The customer has no rights or claims to the Equipment. Sher Camera makes no claims to images, video, or sound recordings made by the customer while using the Equipment. Includes memory cards and batteries.
Customer is strictly prohibited to Re rent or lend in a friendly gesture any items that belongs to Sher Camera. If noticed by Sher Camera and can be proved the Customer will have to pay a double rental amount of the said item.
9. Damaged or Modified Equipment
Customer shall keep the Equipment in good condition as same as when equipment is picked up.
Customer shall not materially modify or alter the Equipment.
In the event of any material modifications, customer will be responsible for all reasonable costs of Sher Camera in restoring the Equipment to its normal condition.
Customer shall bear the entire risk of damage to the Equipment from any cause.
Unless pre-existing damage is reported to Sher Camera within 2 hours after customer takes possession of the Equipment, it is assumed any damage to the equipment occurred during the term of the Rent.
In the event of damage, customer shall choose the repair method and venue, within reason.
If Sher Camera chooses an external venue for repair, customer is responsible for the total cost of repair, if commercially reasonable.
Customer’s payment shall be charged the amount of repair expenses owed to Sher Camera. If the customer’s payment cannot be successfully charged within 24 hours, the customer shall be considered to be in Default. Extended payment period can be arranged by Sher Camera by the customer signing a document agreeing to pay the amount on or before a given date.
Sher camera encourages any customer not to tamper with any security stickers on any rented equipment. In case an instance is noticed the equipment will be completely checked by Sher Camera for serial numbers and other relative documents which will be time and money considering.
10. Loss of Equipment Or Missing Accessories
Customer assumes and shall bear the entire risk of loss of the Equipment from any cause during the term of the rent.
Lost or Stolen Equipment – In the event that the Equipment is reported by the Customer to be lost or stolen during the term of the Rent, Customer is liable to Sher Camera for the replacement value of the Equipment.
In the event of any missing accessories (caps, hoods, tripod rings, bags, etc.), customer is fully liable to Sher Camera for the replacement cost of the missing items.
If the customer form of payment cannot be successfully charged within 24 hours, the customer shall be considered to be in Default. Furthermore complains and law proceedings will be initiated.
11. Default
In the event of default, all amounts owed by Customer to Sher Camera are immediately due.
In the event of default, Customer shall be responsible for any reasonable expenses of Sher Camera in attempting to recover the amount owed from the Customer including collection fees and attorney’s fees.
Sher Camera reserves the right to pursue all available civil and criminal remedies against the customer, including but not limited to: recovering possession of the equipment, obtaining from customer’s form of payment any amounts owed, hiring outside debt collection firms or private investigators, filing of criminal charges, and any civil remedies available. These remedies are not exclusive.
12. Liability
Customer does not assume, and the customer indemnifies Sher Camera against any liability or claims resulting from use or malfunction of the equipment. Customer assumes all liability that may arise from use or failure of the equipment.