How it works !

Talk to us about your needs. We can give you mind blowing solutions to suite your budget.
As we keep up the good spirit of helping you in return we expect your co-operation. It’s simple… Rent your equipment on time and return the equipment on time. Any Camera gear while on rent will be owned by you. Take Care of it.. Like you there will be another to rent out quality photography gear. Our priority is your satisfaction.

ඔබගේ අවශ්‍යතාවය අපට කියන්න.එයට ගැලපෙන විදියට විසදුම් අපි දෙන්නම්.අපි හරිම සිම්පල් .ඔබගේ උවමනාව ඔබේ පසුම්බියට ගැලපෙන විදියට SHER CAMERA විසින් ඉටු කරනු ලැබේ.අපට කතා කරන්න.

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